Why you should consider Mik-Ren Kennels 
1.  I do no breed very often so these lines are not out there to be watered down. I know that breeding, if done right, involves research, lots of talking to mentors,other breeders,and  potential parents.
2..  All of the dogs have the potential to be good companion dogs if they have the right start-- just like kids. SO,
-----I feed all my dogs and especially my bitches home-cooked meals and are raw fed with  and will mentor you in doing what is right nutritionally for your dog.
-----I do health checks on all my dogs according to what is required by the national clubs and many times I go past what is required for continuing my breeding programs for both breeds. 
------I do only the  most recent and minimum core vaccinations and require all my puppy buyers to follow a certain protocol, no matter what pressure they may receive from their vets. Vaccinations can bring on all kinds of immune problems which might last the dog's lifetime.
------I have all my puppies temperament tested using the information in the How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With book and Puppy Culture . And the pups are exposed to as much outside stimulation as well as sounds, to get them ready for their forever homes. 
        I do start my puppies with the Early Neurologial Stimulus at day 3 through day16 and this helps with stimulus and brain development in the puppies. 

 4. If you are wanting a show dog and will honestly show the dog or if you are only wanting a pet to love and might do other activities with it, just be honest. Do not promise to show or try showing and realize that showing a dog is not as easy as it looks. I match you up with the right pup. 
5. If you move or something happens to you, then you or someone in your family is to contact me. I will always take the dog back. You will contact me first and the dog is never to go to a puppy mill / humane society/another owner, a lab or rescue. You will get a 50+page notebook full of information about your breed and care.  
6. Good breeders put in much money, love, and time, way beyond what anyone knows to produce the pup you get . I will always want to be in your dog's life as a source of information for you and will always want to know how the dog is doing. I promise to keep you up to date on any issues with our dogs; health, behavior, training ideas and suggesting reading for you.
7. My contract is set up to protect the dog that you are adopting and you will want to go over the contract before your heart falls in love to make sure you understand what a precious animal you are getting.7.
8. I am a Breeder of Merit as well as a member of the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America (www.NEAA.net) and the local elkhound club-- Columbine Norwegian Elkhound Club as well as Bearded Collie Club of America (Bearded Collie Club of America.us) and the local bearded collie club --- Rocky Mountain Bearded Collie Connection. I urge you to talk with a breeder that is associated with a national club.  Too many "back yard breeders" are in this for profit and not for the betterment of the breed. We feel like when we bring these dogs or angels into this world , we will support you throughout the life of your dog.If you like what I have said, please call or write to me so we can start a relationship before you get a dog from me.
9. Due to recent changes , law wise, you will need to see the dog you are adopting before you take possession of the dog. A break down of all costs are given to you ahead of time for you to realize that breeding and raising good quality dogs is never for profit .  
Matthew getting acquainted with                Gretta with my co breeder and mentor,
        an elk in my backyard.                         Pat Trotter, at the National Specialty 2007.   
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Gretta as a puppy getting ready to show . 
My Dogs that I have lived with , loved, trained and yes a few have gone to the Rainbow Bridge but are not far .  
            Norwegian Elkhounds                                                                   Bearded Collies
Turk  and  Ch Norelka's N Wildwood's Ice Storm  (Max)     Beau Chien's Image Maker (Chauncey)
CH Mik-Ren's Valdemar Ovation  (Mik)                              CH Ragtyme's Somethin' T' Talk 'Bout CD PT ( Jordy)
BISS CH Vin-Melca's Master Card (Matthew)                   CH Summit's Luck of the Draw  ROM / ROMI PT RN  (Keira)
INT/ AM CH Vin-Melca's Janna  (Janna)                           INT / AM CH Mik-Ren's First Comes the Action HT RN (Greer)
INT/ MBISS AM. CH Vin-Melca's  (Gretta )                       INT / AM CH  Mik-Ren's U Had Me At Hello HIC  (Andy)
UKC / INT / AM CH Vin-Melca's Titanium (Lars)               AM CH Donalea's Kash Up The Anti  HIC  (Kash)
UKC/INT/AM CH Ms.Vin-Melca's Ms. Sterling (Pinkie)    UKC / INT & AM CH Mik-Ren's Always and Forever,HT,RN,FDC(Owen)
UKC/INT/AM CH Ms.Vin-Melca's Ms.Alexandrite (Alex)  INT/UKC & AM CH Mik-Ren's Forever isn't Long Enough PT,                                                                                             HSAds,FDC  (Ginger) 
AM CH Vin-Melca's True Blue ( Trudy)                            INT/UKC/AM CH Mik-Ren Blessings Where's the Action,Barky?FDC(Merrin) 
AM CH Vin-Melca's Thunderbolt (Thunder)                     INT CH/AMCH  Mik-Ren's Sweetwater's GB's Gift (Gift)              
UKC BISS CH Vin-Melca Mik-Ren's Ms.Sterling Jada  (Jada)   INT CH Brampton's How to Play the Game , FDC( Shaina)
CH Mik-Ren's She's Delovely at Leraan ( Zella)
CH-Mik-Ren's Sign Seal Deliver I'm Yours ( Stevie)
CH Mik-Ren's Norelka's Glistening Snow ( Glisten ) 
CH Mik-Ren's  Norelka's Snow     (Piper ) 
 (All were or are owner handled to their championships)    (Others not listed are loved by their forever homes- Janna,Mikhail, Matthew, Trudy,Rudy,
                                                                                            Kash, Morgan, Mikhail Andy, Abbey, Abbie, Cali, Oliver,Mia, Smitty, Cassie, Ritz,Athena, Gretta jr.,  Cooper                                                                                                   ,Brika,Moose,Obie,Hiccup, Freya, Sunna,  never forgotten --Willy--You taught me so much. 

                Read the following for both Elkhounds and Beardies                                         
          Alex's first points --This is Pinkie's and Lar's sister. 
International and MBISS American Champion Vin-Melca's Margretta     #1 Elkhound in 2007--thank you, beautiful girl. You taught me so much and gave us such beautiful dogs . 
Janna looking out for elk. And now she is Hanna living with a wonderful family .
Ms.  Gretta at 5 months old , out on the deck 
Matthew up past his elbows in wonderful snow. 
Gretta at Westminster-2007
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Lars is Pinkie's brother and here is a picture of his first major too as a youngster. 
 Pat's line of Vin-Melca dogs have been bred for over 50 years and she  is a Breeder of Merit.   I,on a very small scale is a Breeder of Merit with AKC also with elkhounds and beardies. 
           Why  Mik-Ren Kennels 
Norwegian Elkhounds and Bearded Collies

Brown Beardies are great .  Owen and Ginger are looking out at the snow --- 17 in. but shoveling the deck so they have places to stand. 

Above , is Alex winning a best in show at an international competition and with breeder judge, Nelson Huber. 
All dogs that I own are tested in Hips( OFA) , and clearances in THYROID and EYES (CERF) at 2 years or after and especially all breeding stocks are tested before breeding.  

C. Renee Jarrett
Loveland , CO 

Below is a picture of Zella at her first show 

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