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My background :  
I have been and am still teaching human students at a middle school and high school 
for over 35 years -- working on their grades , their habits and helping them succeed  and becoming a worthwhile person .

I am now working with people and their dogs at Dogs Own Grooming in Loveland CO. I usually teach classes on Saturdays through out the year and  during the winter months and I also add Monday nights for Spring through Fall . 
Yes I am a Breeder of Merit in Norwegian Elkhounds and Bearded Collies but I have been in dog shows for over 30 years , and have over 22 champions plus more that other people have  finished the dogs that I raised.  So I teach all the way from basic Conformation to all kinds of tips from seminars with George Alston, Corky Vroom and others plus reading conformation books. and of course "life's lessons " and observations at shows, matches and yes even on TV where a person can play and replay watching professional handlers .    My students have been quite successful and write to me all the time about their experiences .  
I cover leash control and purpose, the patterns , the hard stack , the free stack, teaching the energy level between dog and handler, the balance of energy and focus.  In Conformation 2 , we practice all of the above but we go into all the problems that might come up in showing a dog, The students share their experiences and how they solved certain problems.  Then we critique each other and film what we are doing and seeing and praise and correct what we see .  This goes way beyond drop in but I encourage my students to go to drop in classes so they can practice.  

 And I have been formally teaching these classes for the last 7 years.  By teaching middle school , through high school kids, and dealing with colleagues I love helping people know that they are worthwhile and can be productive in their lives.  As for the partnership with their dogs , I want more than anything that the dogs and people work together to make the best possible situations and homelife for all. 

Contact: C. Renee Jarrett
Loveland CO
970-667-8293-- home 

Gretta winning her international title and Best in Show under 4 judges, one of who is a Breeder /Judge Nelson Huber 
Ginger finishing her AKC Championship ( on the move) 

Gretta learning to do a 6 foot free stack --- co owned with Pat Trotter -- # 1 Elkhound Bitch for 2 years in a row 
I instruct the humans in my classes to help their dogs think through what would be good manners through exercises /games  and each week people get handouts to go home and practice what was demonstrated in class.  
For Puppy STAR and  higher levels of learning in CGC , we cover the AKC curriculum but also introduce the behaviors of focusing on the human, learning to walk on a leash , figuring out the terms, SIT, DOWN, COME , WAIT , STAY, PLACE, SETTLE, GET IT , LEAVE IT AND OTHER TERMS TOO . 
I use lessons from as many sources as I can  .  
 The other items are working on cage exercises for safety reasons, also dealing with recognizing the different levels of distractions and what to do in high situations.  I use treats, praise, also making humans aware of the signals that they are using whether they are aware of what they are doing or not.  Also to learn what signals the dog is showing them .  I include games that are tied to what the lessons are along with introducing "clickers" , different leashes and their purposes , and so much more. 
Each week the humans get handouts to practice what they have seen in class . 

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