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Classes held at Dogs Own Grooming Salon in Loveland CO  224 East 29th Street  970-667-8293 or announcements are done on Facebook under my name , Colorado Dog Events , Colorado and Wyoming Training, and Renee's training classes. 
​I am a CGC evaluator and now a Farm Certified Test Judge  and an AKC ATT (Temperament ) Evaluator 
Classes by Renee Jarrett 
Puppy  Manners classes 
6 weeks --$175-- 1 hour and 10 min.
This is for puppies from age 3 months up to a year and I cover the requirements of the STAR class but this is the beginning of pups training in the required commands of COME, SIT, DOWN, WAIT, STAY, AND OTHER. I teach these through games as well as positive training and reinforcement. I include crate training and handle questions and problems unique to each dog. This is a good jumpstart to go further in CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) as well as future obedience, rally, tracking, conformation, herding. 

Beyond Puppy Manners :  
5 weeks -- $150 -- 1 hour and 10 min  
This is an extension of the puppy manners classes and are for dogs that are a little older and have had some training --- like the information covered in the above class . This could also be working on Impulse control for certain dogs.More games are introduced to work on the partnership between humans and their dogs. 

CGC (Canine Good Citizenship)  --through AKC
6 weeks -$175  -- 1 hour and 10 minutes
 Dogs should be 6 months and older. This is now an AKC title behind your dog’s name. This class also teaches the basic commands but by the time the class is done you have an additional 12-15 commands, as well as thorough work on cage training, and games to play with your dog to reinforce your training. All training is done through positive reinforcement including treats, praise, games, clicker, and touch. No previous class is required and each of the 10 test items is thoroughly gone through before the test on the last class. Paperwork from AKC is provided.   I can also give the tests for CGCA and CGCU. 

Conformation Class  Levels 1,2,3
5 weeks $145 for new students --  $130 for returning students  --1 hour and 10 minutes
This is for dogs from 6 months and older. The handlers/exhibitors can be novices all the way to experienced people. This is not a drop in class. This goes into teaching body balance and transfer of energy as well as dog anatomy and movement to bring out the best of your partnership with your dog. It also includes the “how to’s” of hard and free stacking, the patterns, the preparation time before you go into the ring as well and what you need to do in the ring. This includes leash control, equipment, preparation, practice, conditioning, and handling individual problems. 
Level 1 --- is for beginners , juniors, people who have observed other people showing their dogs but want to do it themselves. 
Level 2 -- This level is for people who have been showing for awhile but need to have critiques done to improve their skills .  I video-tape so that people can do some improvement on their handling skills.This level and the 3rd level can be for people with new pups that they want to start out strong. 
Level 3 --- is like a seminar where each of us help each other through observation , past experiences and more video taping .  

Rally Novice and Advance  Drop in –
5 weeks $95 –1 hour and 10 minutes    Karen Carmichael is teaching with me. 
This is a class after a dog has taken either the STAR Puppy Class or CGC class or a basic class elsewhere. The handler and dog learn how to do what the signs/stations say which work on all parts of obedience. You can get several levels of titles whether through AKC, UKC, or other dog organization. This is an easy level of obedience and really a fun even to do with your dog. 
We already have about 5-6 people who have put novice and are working or have gotten their advance rally titles. We also can do the virtual rally course from AKC for novice titles .Rally 

Rally Signals/Signs-- 2 levels 
5 weeks each --$145 for new students and $130 for returning students 
This class goes into the techniques /signals /body movements required by the rally signs . We practice the "HOW" and then we do the signs.  

Impulse Control Class -- 2 levels 
6 weeks $155 -- 1 hour and 10 minutes=== This is class is for the students are more reactive to the environment and we do work on exercises for that .  Dogs that have had some training fit into this area and have the most success.

Tricks Class:  
5 weeks --$140--1 hour and 10 minutes.  In this class , dogs and their owners learn tricks towards AKC trick titles including Novice, Intermediate, Advance, Performance, and Performance Elite.  The dogs in this class must have the basic manners and are positive about learning tricks.  Testing is done and the humans submit the results to AKC.  Equipment and paperwork are provided. 

Temperament testing by AKC 
I can do this test for clubs in the area .  So call me and we can set something up  

CGC ( Canine Good Citizenship) CGCA ( advance ) and CGCU ( urban) can be set up to test your club's dogs too . 

I can also do home visits to work out problems and help build the bond between you and your dog. 
Those students who have taken previous classes from me get a discount. To enroll in any of the classes, contact Renee Jarrett – razchaunce@aol.com or 970-667-8293  

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