Matthew , Janna, and Max out in the yard looking at elk to the left.  

            Mik-Ren Norwegian Elkhounds

​proudly in partnership with Vin-Melca Elkhounds under the tutoring of Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter. Thank you for entrusting me with wonderful dogs from your line. 
Alex, one of Gretta's pups  taking Best in Show and gaining her International Title. One of her judges is a breeder judge, Nelson  Huber. To gain an International title, she had 4 very top rankings along with Lars and Pinkie. 
Rudy, another pup of Gretta's ,  out for a walk with his owners in North Carolina. 

Two beautiful pictures of Number 1 elkhound in 2007, Best of Opposite at Westminster, Best of Breed and Best of Breed Bred by , handled by Patricia V. Trotter. 
Matthew and an elk summing up each other at my house. 
NEWSFLASH:   Lars took a Group 2 in a tough hound group and this was his first time in an all breed group ring.  Very proud moment.  He also go pulled in the group the next day .  9/25-26/11 He now ranked #20 in elkhounds. 
Here is another sibling of this breeding.  This is Mikhail and he lives with a great family in Denver. 
Shartruse collar girl is now Cassie and she is now a champion too and lives with her co breeder.
  To the left, White collar girl is now Mia and is living and working with her Jr. handlers. Natasha is in this picture. I am very proud of what Natasha and now her brother Shaun are doing in the show ring.
This is a picture of Cassie and Jada at the April 2013 shows .  Both are very attentive and are great show girls.
To the left,  a picture of Zella, Jada's and Mia's half sister and she just won her first points her first time in the ring at our local specialty.  

My elkhound family that lives with me, or bred  or I co own: 
Gretta is grandmother and now great grandmother to all of my dogs: 
Gretta's kids:  Thunder,Mikhail, Trudy,  Rudy, Lars, Pinkie , Alex.
Pinkie's kids are Smitty, Cassie, Jada     and Mia
Alex's kids are Ritz, Greta jr,  Athena,         and Zella. 
Now Jada has produced a litter of 4, Cooper , Moose ,Stevie and  Brika          
​Zella  had pups -- Hiccup, Obie,Freya, Hawk,Glisten,Piper,and Sunna--
Obie, GListen and Piper 
Below is a picture of Zella at her first show 
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