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Loveland,CO 80537
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I was smittened by a beautiful brown beardie named Billie and from that moment on I was sure I would want to own and love beardies. After doing my research about the breed and to make sure I wanted everything a person needs to know about owning a beardie,  I started with Chauncey, a pet, to see if I would like the breed as well as taking care of his coat. From there,my soul dog, Jordy came along and I did many events from conformation, herding, obedience, and alittle agility. Then came Keira,my foundation bitch, and she had 2 litters of which 7 have herding instinct titles, 4 have AKC championships with 2 more are in the waiting lines.  5 have International championship titles, 4 of them have UKC championships.  I own 4 dogs that have Versatility titles with the National Bearded Collie Club of America. I have held office and have been the herding committee chairperson for several years in my local club, Rocky Mountain Bearded Collie Connections.  I am a member of the national club, Bearded Collie Club of America.  I was and am still mentored by several bearded collie breeders of which I am thankful for their knowledge and guidance.  I do breed for good health, type, temperament, bitability,  and companionship. My dogs live in my house and not in a kennel-- in fact they own my couches and bed.  I bought cars to hold cages, and yes even a motorhome to go to dog shows in comfort. 
My advice to you would be to first learn about bearded collies, all the pros and cons of this wonderful breed.  See if it fits your lifestyle.  Then talk to breeders, go to shows and events, find out if your activity level would meet the needs of your beardie. Please adopt from a breeder. Do call if you want to know more information. 
Above picture are the puppies from the 2nd litter . 
Keira and Brinn ( who won the CHIC award for this 
year-- meaning we care about health issues )
These two pictures to the right are from a birthday party that one of my puppy owners held and all 6 of the 8 got together and had a great 1st birthday.  Like I said , I keep in touch with all of my beardie owners and love hearing and sharing about their lives and their puppies lives.  I am so blessed by having these good people with my beardies.  

Puppy parents from the 2nd litter celebrating their 1st birthday.
Great parents are really worth having for my pups. Thank you.
Brinian, Owen's and Ginger's father doing a great job at Obedience.  
Beardies are easily trained in obedience, rally, conformation , tracking, and of course , herding. 
Christa, one of  Bogie's mom , playing with Bogie and Greer's litter at 6 weeks. 
One of the puppies playing with a toy. 
Merrin, showing his show side. 
Reagan (left picture)  and Orion, now Sam,( right above) are doing their early practice at being show dogs. left
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How time has flown-----NEWSFLASH::Reagan, named after a tv show family, just started her show career by going to the national and winning Best of Opposite in the Futurity out of 14 dogs and a 4th in the Sweepstakes 6-9 month old class. This was her first time in the ring.  Picture soon to follow.  We are so proud of Christa and her. Her brothers have a high mark to reach. Now both Merrin and Reagan are AKC champions. 
Puppy practicing sleeping. 
March 2013-  GREER delivered a beautiful black and white boy, Gift, and he will be starting his show career shortly. 
  Next 4 pictures below and to the right  are from Greer and Bogie's litter, March 19 2011. 
Seeing Merrin's picture above at 7 weeks and then looking at him to the right at 14 months winning a 5 point major and only his 2nd time in the ring, He won best of winners at our local specialty. Very proud of him and looking forward to what he is going to become . 
Ginger received her AKC Championship by going Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed over a bitch special at the same time as her nephew , Merrin, picked up points too --very happy. 
Boone  now named Bogie after his father , the bigger black boy in the picture to the left , has returned to me but  has now found a great forever home with Lynn Swanson. I am so delighted and hope I can see him dance. 
Merrin won Winner's Dog and Best of Winners at our local supported show and is now an AKC/UKC/Int. champion. 

Ginger  has hit the herding circuit with a bang.  We bypassed the HT and got her PT ( pre-trial) title and now will be doing the first attempt at HS( herding started) later in Oct. 2014.  She is a jewel to watch.
June 2016 , Ginger just earned her HSAsd and will be working for the next level.  I'm thrilled with her. Working on her intermediate duck title and rally 
My Beardie family that live with me  or I co own or have bred  consists of : 
Keira---- mother to the following: 
     1st litter--- Greer, Kash, Andy, Harry 
    2nd litter: Owen , GInger , Abbie, Abbey, Callie, Morgan, Oliver, Willie
Greer --is mother to 1st litter: Reagan,Merrin,Bogie jr, Sam, 
Greer's --  2nd  litter is Gift. 

Owen and Merrin are available for stud services. 

Owen earned his RN ( Rally Novice Title in May 2017 .)