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  Also Home of Norwegian Elkhounds and Bearded Collies
A beardie litter eating grewel 
4 of Keira's pups after exercising in the tunnel and practicing their agility skills .They were 4 weeks at that time.
The puppies are trying puppy food. So mannerly. This was Keira's 2nd  litter and she had 4 brown girls, 1 brown boy , and 1 black girl and 2 black boys.
Matthew , Janna, and Max out in the yard looking at elk.
One of Gretta's pups at 5 weeks.
One of the beardie puppies from the first litter practicing being on the grooming table.
Gretta on top of a 11,000 ft mountain.                Owen on top of my picnic table.
 Yes , both Norwegian elkhounds and bearded collies. Why? I love both breeds .

I am so happy to have had elkhounds for over 30 years but lately I am so very fortunate to have a very special mentor in Patricia V. Trotter.  She has entrusted me with some of her elkhounds , Vin-Melca Kennel, which you will see on this and future pages. I treasure these dogs and love their attitudes , show quality, and lovelable antics. These wonderful dogs can also do conformation, agility, rally, obedience, and tracking well as well as couch potatoes. As for beardies , well just like elkhounds, you just cant have one. I love their clownish enthusiasm and, they are versatile in conformation, agility, rally , obedience, tracking and then you add what they were bred to do and that is herding.  I so enjoy watching all my beardies try their talents at herding instinct tests and want all my puppy people to participate in that when possible  Keira, the mother of two of my litters is a ROMI which means she presently has 7 babies who have passed their herding instinct tests. Three more are needed to pass and then she will be listed as a ROMIX. I am breeding for performance ,bitability in temperament , as well as a pretty picture. The pictures to the right starting at the top and going down are as follows: Alex winning under a breeder judge; Lars, her brother, winning a major towards his championship. Greer, daughter of Keira winning a Best in Show at an International show. Her mother Keira winning a major for her championship over specials, and of course Keira's 2nd litter trying out "grewel" puppy food for the first time.
Since I dont' breed often, I do keep and expect all my puppy people to keep in touch with me and I am a strong mentor for all successes, concerns, and latest trends in health and behavior.  I truly love to keep in touch with all of the puppies and their parents. 
Harry at his new home in a new T-shirt.
Lars winning a major in points. 
Greer winning a Best in Show at an International Show
Keira, winning her first major over specials. She is the mother of 2 litters and 4 champions so far.
 Keira's litter
To the right is Pinkie's and Ben's kids at 14 weeks, Smitty on the left and Jada on the right . August 2014, Jada just finished her championship with a group 3 and 2 majors. .
The Vin-Melca -Mik-Ren elkhounds have wonderful personalities, and love to be around their people.
The Mik-Ren Bearded Collies are versatile in conformation, herding , rally, obedience, and even tracking and agility let alone just wanting to be in your lap or giving you slobbery kisses.
Breeder of Merit -- of both elkhounds and beardies
Contact :C. Renee Jarrett
Loveland CO 80537
970-593-3109-- fax 

Zella and Quincy had puppies on Jan. 8th,2016 . Below is  Glisten and Hawk eating bones 

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